Mobile’s Time is Now

When the bare fact is that more than 75 percent of us can’t even part ways with our smartphone to go to the bathroom, it’s time to grasp we are indeed a mobile-obsessed generation. It has so intricately woven itself into our everyday lives that a lot of of us can’t remember a time when it wasn’t so.

There have been predictions of mobile coming for years now, but we maintain that the train is not only here, it’s leaving the station. Let’s think about the evidence, as well as how you can reap the benefits of this paradigm shift.

5 Ways mobile marketing is now a force to be reckoned with

    • Google – Google makes it abundantly clear that it is mobile first as far as they’re concerned. And they’ve got excellent reasons to believe this. All of us are tied to our phones, and it is frequently the first device we reach for in our day. Not just that, studies show that 65 percent of all searches start off on a mobile platform.
    • Smartphones and other mobile devices – An average person owns 3.1 mobile devices. This is broken down as 85 percent carry a smartphone, 65 percent a laptop, 48 percent a tablet and 40 percent an mp3 player. To say mobile is ubiquitous is a little bit of an understatement.
    • Nobody knows how to market on mobile – While two-thirds of businesses are attempting to use mobile, few understand how to measure, implement or otherwise make use of the immense reach mobile affords. To illustrate further, a full one-third of businesses that say they use mobile spend less than an hour a week working it. Hmmm…
    • Responsive design – As email marketing continues to be by far the most valuable as far as ROI is concerned, having a responsive design in your emails is a must.
    • Mobile converts – The top reason we’re sure that mobile is a dominant force now is that it converts better than any other medium. 70 Percent of mobile queries lead to an action within the hour, evidence that users who are out and about aren’t afraid to look you up and come on in.

Data and infographic by AWeber

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