How to Leverage Facebook Graph Search


How Can You Use Facebook Graph Search in Your Business?

Facebook is at it again, and this time it’s called Facebook Graph Search. It is their endeavor to sway their search results from the keyword-based model like Google’s, to one where Facebook can employ its greatest asset, the social interplay between all its users. Still rolling out, Graph Search may not be available to you yet, (still only accessible in the US, and there’s a waiting list) but it’s coming sooner than you think. And if you have a business that uses Facebook at all, you must learn how this will benefit you.

Facebook Graph search – What is it?

Facebook Graph Search is a search model where Facebook moves their search results from a model based on keywords, to one where it can use arguably its most valuable asset, the social data of all its users. You will see results determined by what your social spheres like, and view. For instance, your search will return with those who share your interests, websites, photos and videos they’ve liked or visited, as well as other connections you may share. These outcomes are unique to you, because they are based solely off yours and your friend’s interests.

How can you take advantage of Facebook Graph search in your marketing?

One of the key takeaways people appear to be gleaning from the launch of Graph Search is it goes a long way towards removing pages that are attempting to game the system. Fake Likes and fans received from strange locations outside of your common spheres, will likely be viewed with some skepticism. So bid farewell to the “I will get you 30,000 Facebook Likes” industry, where often people found all kinds of new friends and fans from Bangladesh!

If your small business is seriously interested in social media, you stand to reap the benefits of this, as you will be visible on Facebook. Some of the basic methods for you to prepare for Facebook Graph Search are to:

  • Be sure your business page profile is entirely filled out, so that users can find you.
  • Make certain to engage, not sell your visitors.
  • Be very careful of what is posted online, especially on Facebook itself, as this may come back to embarrass your business in a big way!
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